The benefits of traveling with the family you have chosen are many, so many that it may be time to stop and not get carried away by the usual:

“Traveling with friends means sharing experiences and situations that, otherwise, might not have been lived together, so with this we manage to strengthen ties and the possibility of getting to know other people and groups better”


Of course, all this that sounds so good will only work when the members of the group are compatible fellow travelers: “In principle, and from the previous experiences we have had with the people who belong to our circle of friends, we can get an idea of who may be more akin to make a trip. Even depending on the trip you want to make, one companion or another will be preferred, although, clearly, there is always the friend with whom we would go anywhere. Try to go with people who share our rhythm and restlessness in the chosen destination will give us more guarantees”, argues the expert.