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Kind of service



The service includes:

  • Vehicles with A/C
  • Airport Staff for group reception with Personalized Banner
  • 1 Bottle of Water of 250ml per person (for arrival)
  • Support with luggage at the Airport (only by bus)


Particular policies:

  • Prices may change while reservation confirmation is not available.
  • Non-commissionable net prices.
  • Simple Transfer Airport – Hotel or vice versa
  • This quote applies only under the specifications of the request sent.


Suggested services with additional charge:

  • Tips (suggested)
  • Soft drink
  • Wet wipes

General policies

  • This is only a quote, not a contract, to make the reservation it is necessary to confirm the availability of the rooms previously with the executive, to subsequently make the deposit and block the services to be used.
  • If the number of passengers or any other specification of what was initially requested is modified, a new quote will be required.
  • Each service quoted below has its own particular policies, which must be respected by the client.
  • The hosting service provides validity dates that must be taken into account for the validation of the current quote.
  • This quote includes only what is listed here, no service not specified in it may be considered as part of the quote.
  • Add Sanitation Right payment $2.00USD per room per night that is not included in the rate and is paid upon arrival at the hotel.


IMPORTANT: Due to the COVID-19 policies, for the management of a group, we need larger transport units. Therefore, it is necessary to use a larger capacity bus and respect the agreement.


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